Agricultural Benefits

Agricultural – Sanimax Desacler Water Conditioner

Poultry Farms

  • • Combat limescale buildup on bell waterers and nipple drinkers
  • • Keeps spray nozzles clear of any blockages
  • • Remove limescale and sludge from waterlines
  • • Enhance the performance of medicators and enable them to work at designed levels of accuracy
  • • Save on water usage
  • • Reduce the need for cleaning materials
  • • Reduce cleaning time on equipment between flocks
  • • Reduce maintenance costs
  • • Help egg machines stay cleaner
  • • Improve the performance of water heaters and boilers
  • • Improve the performance of water cooled refrigeration equipment in poultry
  • • Keep incubators clean and enable their humidification systems to operate perfectly
  • • Eliminate scale stains from stainless steel and other surfaces
  • • Improve the efficacy of disinfectants
  • • Provide a return on investment within months

Dairy Farms

  • • Reduces milk stone deposits in lines, ducts and on sensors
  • • May reduce bacteria by removing scale deposits that act as a breeding ground
  • • Better tasting water will result in cows drinking more water = more milk production
  • • Flow meters operate more accurately
  • • Scale control in cooling tower, condensers, brine tanks, pumps, valves, pipes, extruders, tanks and pumps

Crop Farms (also see irrigation)

  • • Limescale deposit control in the irrigation system including spray nozzles, pipes, pumps and valves
  • • Greater moisture penetration into the soil allowing for reduced wetting agents or surfactants
  • • Improves crop and plant growth with better wetting action, allowing for greater yields

Irrigation (also see crop farms)

  • • Stops limescale & corrosion in the water systems including irrigation piping and emitters
  • • Nozzles require little or no more acid cleaning
  • • Water penetrates the soil better allowing for greater and healthier yields
  • • Inhibits algae and bacterial growth while reducing chemical additives
  • • Reduces water usage considerably and lowers salt levels in soil and controls salt encrustation

Hog Raising Farms

  • • Limescale deposits in water valves and nozzles will be greatly reduced allowing for better control of water flow
  • • Limescale deposits in the water nozzles in the cooling misters will be controlled for proper misting
  • • Prevents scale formation in heating nozzles of the water wall curtain system in cooling applications


  • • Controls limescale formation on all water equipment
  • • Helps control bacteria
  • • Roots and tubes absorb nutrients and water better while the limescale will be controlled